The Return of The Rock Relic

We’re back with a new look, better content and a whole lot more for fans of classic rock, oldies, country-rock … shoot, just about any decent 4/4 sound.  You’ll find out what happened This Week In Rock History, get oldies news updates,  great videos (including some you recommend) – and info on new and exciting acts that are carrying on the true rock legacy.

What you (waitaminnit! Is it just me or did the font get a little larger?  Awww, I guess it’s because we’re using a new theme or somethin’) anyway … what you won’t see is this homogenized, synthesized, looped, grouped, sampled and simple electronic mess that newbies use.  Here, we promote the genuine rock and roll – we techno prisoners!

Now, this will run twice weekly (we haven’t decided yet, but it’ll be on days that end in “y”) and will officially kick off somewhere over the next 48 hours.
So hang on to your hats … we’re about to throw it into overdrive.  

Until then, remember … we’re starting this on the 54th Anniversary of Beatlemania: the day when Pan American Flight 101 landed at LaGuardia (now Kennedy) Airport in New York and deposited four mop-topped Liverpudlian lads whose sound, stage presence and creativeness changed the world of music forever:

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